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Appeal Letters 

Here are some examples of custom pieces we have written and designed using stories unique to each organization with techniques proven to attract the reader's attention.

fundraising appeal letters

Tell a story unique to your organization highlighting your mission like we did for Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

By interviewing people helped by your organization, their story will be real and personal to your readers. See how we used this technique with Ronald McDonald House of Buffalo.

See how we have used the very powerful technique of examples and testimonials  to show the reader how Friends of Night People is helping.

Stock photographs are an economical way to emphasize your story and still maintain the privacy of recipients like we have for LIteracy Volunteers.

Your message can be modified to reach separate audiences, such as potential donors, donors, and donors who may be asked to increase their gifts.

By highlighting important text, your message is conveyed even to readers who scan or skim over a letter.

The longer the letter, the more effective the response. We extended Niagara Lutheran's single page letter to a longer, stronger version.

Although it's not glamorous, courier is the most effective font for appeal letters, bringing in the most response.

Testimonial letters are very persuasive tools to tell your story and highlight your mission.



Newsletters not only update donors on the activities of the organization but also remind the reader of financial and other needs of the group. The individual articles give examples of needs that have been addressed by the organization, and ways the reader can also contribute.

fundraising newsletter graphic

Using just 2 colors in your publication can be effective and cost efficient.

Publishing a newsletter regularly keeps your donors informed about your activities and helps reinforce your need for their help and contributions.

It's important to repeat your call to action in different ways in all the articles of your newsletter. 


 Collateral materials

Organizations plan special events that require publicity and recruitment of volunteers and participants. We have created posters, brochures and invitations to help promote fundraising events.

fundraising brochures and invitations

A short message will announce a new program or pique interest.

Teaser copy will encourage the recipient to open your letter.

Invitations can be elegant printed in just one color.

By showcasing your services, your mission and goals will be evident to potential donors as well as clients.

Your message can be modified to reach separate audiences such as donors or potential donors and postcards are a cost effective way to do this.

The response card should provide many ways for donors to help your organization.

A poster will draw attention to your organization.

The reply envelope, with a FIM (Facing Identification Mark) and bar code coded to your address, will ensure that donor gifts will come back to you quickly and cost-effectively.

Special events are important to your cause and invitations will make donors aware of those events.


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