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Printing & Mailing

You need a cost-effective way to communicate by mail with your donors and friends, and you want to make sure they receive your piece on time. Fundraising Assets can manage your print and mail process for you using your vendors, or we can use our proven associates. Whether you're doing a short run or hundreds of thousands of pieces, we can choose the equipment that will produce high-quality materials at the lowest cost. Since we're experts in mailing, we'll make sure your piece meets all of the Post Office requirements for direct mail fundraising. We can design it so it can be mailed at the most economical rate, too.

  • High-quality four-color printing may be more affordable than you think. Call us for an estimate.
  • One-color, two-color and three-color pieces can be attractive and effective, especially when they are professionally designed. We can help you choose the most cost-effective option for your project.
  • You want each reader to feel that your letter is directed to him or her. We have the technology to personalize not only the text in a letter, but graphics as well. Personalized letters and response forms may increase results and allow easier processing of donations.
  • We can print your envelopes, or, if you prefer, you can provide your own envelopes to us to be addressed.
  • How far down is the return address supposed to go? How big can it be? Have any of the Post Office regulations changed since last year? We're the experts and will take care of all of that for you.
  • We can save you money and ensure fast delivery by using a quality delivery point zip +4 and postnet bar code.




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