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Fundraising Training

Have you ever been frustrated because you have a great fundraising idea, but you can't get buy in from your boss, development committee, board or other leaders in your organization?

It could be that they don't understand best practices in fundraising. For that reason, they revert to "creative" solutions, such as suggesting that all you need to do to raise more money is to print your appeal letter on hot pink paper to grab the reader's attention.

Or it could be they don't understand their role in the fundraising process. They try to help in whatever way they can-like by suggesting, "Let's save money by having the staff assemble this 20,000 piece mailing in their spare time."

You could give them a primer in fundraising best practices, but it's awkward. You're delicately trying to tell your boss (or other person in a leadership position) how to do his or her job.

The solution is to engage an outside expert for a brief, effective workshop. Not only does it cost much less than you may think, it can streamline your operations and maximize your fundraising efforts.

We can work together to build a one-hour, on-line webinar. We can focus on the topic you feel is most important. Topics can include:

  • Finding segments of your database that offer great potential such as new donors, lapsed donors, above average/repeat givers, in memory of/in honor of donors and volunteers. We can also discuss special appeals that will tap that potential.
  • Techniques that they often resist but have proven to raise more money: long letters, emotional stories, strong ask, easy response form, design to motivate giving and matching gift incentives.
  • Strategies for asking donors for more, as well as the question that troubles many board members: how many times is too often to ask.
  • The importance of acquisition as part of your annual plan as well as how to calculate the lifetime value of a donor.
  • Components of the appeal package- what works and what's a waste of resources.      

Getting your staff/leadership on board with a plan that will raise more money may be the best decision you will make this year.


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