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Fundraising Appeal Packages

There are so many parts to a successful fundraising appeal package, and it's so time consuming to produce.

You're a good writer, but it takes so long to pull together the copy for an appeal letter. You know how to paste photos into your text, but sometimes it's hard to make everything fit the way you want it to. And when the print shop calls about a problem with the file, you don't have the time to troubleshoot.

Don't worry. Our experienced team can do the heavy lifting for you.


Our expert team can help you:

  • Identify your strongest need that will resonate with donors.
  • Put a face on the need by conducting a phone interview with a beneficiary of your services. This will be the basis of your appeal or donation letter.
  • Write a piece that appeals on an emotional as well as an intellectual level.
  • Incorporate graphics, text boxes and structural elements to make your message more compelling.
  • Choose effective giving levels for the reply piece.
  • Write a tagline for the envelope that piques the reader's interest, prompting him or her to open it.


We can save your time by helping you:

  • Build a package that, first of all, encourages the recipients to open the envelope.
  • Coordinate graphics and text in the letter work together to help those who merely skim (as tests show most people do) as well as those who read the letter to grasp your message on an intellectual and emotional level.
  • We can use photos provided by you, or we can find suitable stock photos to use.
  • Our expertise allows us to create an effective return piece that prompts the donor to make an immediate gift. 

Print and Mail

  • Current donors are your best prospects, and we will help you mine your data for the best results.
  • Expanding your donor base is important as well, and we can find new high-yield donor lists for you.
  • Whether you choose a two-color or full-color package, the work will be high quality and produced at an affordable and cost-effective price.
  • If it doesn't arrive on time, the piece is useless. We understand postal regulations and constraints and build deadlines to make sure your piece lands in people's homes when you want it to.
  • We can also work with your print shop. 

Analyze Results

  • How does this mailing compare to your previous mailings? What worked well? What can be changed to produce greater results? We'll use our decades of experience to help you answer these questions.





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