Get buy in from your boss and board: Part 2

training for nonprofit boardsYou have a great fundraising idea, but can’t get buy in from your boss or the board. Instead of excitement over your well constructed plan, they begin to brainstorm new ideas. Use bright pink paper for your appeal letter to grab people’s attention, they suggest.

            In Part 1, we discussed some ways to get buy in from your board. Here we’ll take a look at training your board.

            Board members generally aren’t fundraising experts. They want to help, but without guidance, their efforts may be counterproductive—hence the suggestions for bright pink paper. They need to be guided in order to understand their role in fundraising.

            If you are the person in charge of fundraising, it falls to you to provide that guidance to the board, and perhaps even to the executive director. You could give them a primer in fundraising best practices, but it’s awkward. When you do the training, you are, in effect, delicately trying to tell your boss (or other person in a leadership position) how to do his or her job.

            The solution is to engage an outside expert for a brief, effective workshop for your leaders. That can help in two ways.

            First, the consultant may bring in fresh ideas for you.

            The second, and even more  important reason, is that the consultant can do what you are not in a position to do: train the leaders of your organization.

            It has nothing to do with how much you know. You’re simply not in a position to provide the training your board and executive staff needs.

            Working with a nonprofit consultant can make positive changes that can improve your fundraising efforts for years to come. A short on-line webinar can transform the leaders of your organization into  helpful allies instead of well-meaning obstacles.


Tom Harter, Partner



Not only can working with a consultant streamline your operations and maximize your fundraising efforts, it costs less than you may think. To find out more, contact Tom Harter, partner, at 1 (888) 244‑4013 or [email protected].


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