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Absolute Marketing

Mail ProcessingAbsolute Marketing offers direct mail marketing services in Buffalo, Western New York and Southern Ontario/Toronto Canada.

We produce business mailing lists that generate leads, sales or donations.

Our mail processing gets your mail "off your desk" - assembled, addressed, sorted and mailed. Or, we can work with you to plan, design and produce your entire mail project with our direct mail marketing.

Mail Processing

We can fold, insert & seal, address, wafer seal(tab), stamp - meter - permit imprint, sort for bulk and first class mail, and delivery to the post office with our efficient mail processing.

Printing &Imaging

We can design, personalize and print letters, post cards, announcements, newsletters, and fliers. We also offer digital 4 color printing and imaging, high speed laser and inkjet technology for mail piece personalization.

Mailing List and Data Processing

We can find a mailing list that matches your perfect prospect. We can also process your in-house mailing list to clean it up, analyze it, find key segments and enhance its mail marketing value.


Full Service direct mail marketing

For business to business mailing, business to consumer mailing, and fundraising clients, we can provide strategic mail marketing, list research and acquisition, database preparation, design, print and imaging, mail processing and project evaluation.


We provide mail marketing services for:

Fund Raising

FundraisingWe can help with donor acquisition, upgrade mailings, donor profiling, newsletters, special event mailings, appeal letters, planned giving brochures and thank you letters.

You are under enormous pressure to get new donors, raise more money from existing donors and do it all with less budget. In most cases, you are also being asked to do more with less staff.

Our mission is to help you do more with less time and less money. We can bring new ideas and time tested strategies to your project or just get it in the mail quickly, with lower costs and very little of your time and effort.

There is a very specific way that prospects read a donor acquisition mailing or appeal letter, and very specific things that motivate people to respond. With our direct mail marketing experience we can recommend simple changes that can significantly affect your response. We can profile your donor base to find segments that warrant upgrade or major donor appeals. Also, we can identify characteristics of your donors that will help you find new donors.

You may want consultation only. We can review what you are doing, your process, timing, package and creative and make recommendations that will increase results.

You may just be looking for a reliable, affordable source to write, layout, print and mail your appeal acquisition or newsletter. We can help.

You may need someone who can take responsibility for one major area of your fundraising. We can develop and produce your acquisition or annual appeal campaign. Or, we can coordinate the collection of article ideas, write, design, print and mail your newsletter.

We can help you raise more money. We can get those mailings "off your desk" and in the mail. More results...less work.

Business to Business

Business to Business
We can produce:

  • Lead generation mailings
  • Fulfillment for mail and web responses
  • Mail Marketing: Assemble and mail samples and sales kits
  • Mail trade show announcements
  • Printing and Imaging: Design, print and mail customer/prospect/product newsletters 
  • Produce and mail annual reports
  • Mail Processing: Print and mail calendars, catalogs and price lists.

You are responsible for new lead generation mailings for your sales team, designing and producing new collateral material, preparing customer communication mailings about new products or product updates, notifying clients and prospects about trade shows, getting information to qualified leads as well as cross sell and up sell targets. A huge task, but we can help.

If your goal is to develop or improve a lead generation mailings system, we can help. We can provide targeted mailing lists and e-mail. We can help with telemarketing and trade shows.

We can help with a comprehensive referral plan or simply print and mail a product update to your database.

If you need a source for fulfillment for mail and web responses or assembly of mail samples for mailing lists or sales kits, we can help.

We can write, design, print and mail annual reports, calenders, catalogs, Christmas cards and price lists.

We can also help with - video/DVD creative and production, media/ad design and placement, market research, market plans, and mail marketing.

Business to Consumer Marketers

Business to ConsumerWe can produce sale flyers, customer mailings, customer profiling, special event promotion mailings, product specials, new product announcements, surveys, catalogs.

Your responsibility is to increase traffic to your location or web site, or new lead generation for your sales team to visit, design and produce new collateral material, prepare customer communication mailings about new products or referral programs, and get information to qualified leads. A huge task, but we can help.

If your goal is to build traffic then target mailing lists, e-mail and telemarketing can all be part of a direct mail marketing plan.

We can help with a comprehensive referral plan for lead generation mailings or simply print and mail a product update to your database.

We can write, design, print and mail newsletters, sale flyers, special event notices, new product announcements, annual reports, calenders, and even Christmas cards.

We can also help with - video/DVD creative and production, media/ad design and placement, market research, market plans, and mail marketing.

Canadian Business Mailing

If you mail to US prospects, we can save you time and money, while delivering your promotion into the hands of your prospect FAST.

We have quality consumer and business mailing lists.

We can prepare your Canadian business mailing and deliver it to the US post office. We can review your mailing options with you, lowering your postage costs to as low as $ .20 per piece, saving you thousands.

We can print mail pieces eliminating shipping costs and delays.

We can accept your response mail and we can store and mail your follow-up material at US postal rates.

We can be your US partner for mail marketing to US prospects.

Printers and Advertising Agencies

Some of our largest customers are advertising agencies and printers.
We deliver on time.

We can insure that mail piece design, size, and thickness meet all postal regulations and mail processing equipment specifications eliminating problems for you and your client.

We are mail specialists. We often meet with our client's customer as their direct mail specialist. We can help you and your client find the best mailing list, develop the best mailing marketing plan, select the best postal services and handle mail processing.